Jade Sasser joined the UC Riverside Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies in 2014. Her research and teaching explore the relationships between large scale environmental problems—such as climate change– and women’s bodies, health, and activism. Sasser’s award-winning 2018 book, On Infertile Ground: Population Control and Women’s Rights in the Era of Climate Change, analyzes the shifting role of environmentalists in shaping activism and international policy advocacy focused on population, reproductive rights, and reproductive justice. She is currently working on a new project that investigates the impacts of climate change, racial injustice, and other existential threats, on reproductive decisions. In addition, she has two ongoing research projects: one addresses how gendered household technologies (specifically improved stoves) animate global anxieties about climate change, toxic exposures, and women’s empowerment in the global South. The second is a partnership with the NAACP that explores the relationships between gender justice and climate justice activism in the U.S. Sasser’s work has been published in Geoforum, Antipode, The Geographical Journal, Gender, Place, and Culture, and Écologie & Politique, as well as in reports for UN Women and CGIAR. Sasser’s broader interests include international development, reproductive politics, environmental and climate justice, global health, and intersectional feminism.


PhD, Environmental Science, Policy & Management (Emphasis: Society and Environment)

University of California, Berkeley.

MA, Cultural Anthropology

University of California, Berkeley

MPH (Emphasis: Global Health)

Boston University


Politics Pomona College

"The progress of the world will call for the best that all of us have to give."